About LPG

About LuxPlanes

LuxPlanes is an aviation media brand and online shop. Our goal is to share the world of aviation with as many people as possible! We create lots of content on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok where we make all sorts of aviation-themed videos ranging from funny videos to reviews, educational videos, and much more! We share lots of planespotting videos on Instagram and have a website where we post about the latest aviation news and make quizzes for users to test their aviation knowledge! We also have our very own online shop where you can find a great selection of online clothing, mugs, posters, and more!

About LuxBus

LuxBus is an Instagram account by LuxPlanes that posts pictures of buses! We mostly focus on buses in Luxembourg but we also occasionally post pictures of buses all around the world too!

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LPG (LUXPLANES GROUP) is the parent of LuxPlanes & LuxBus. LuxPlanes group is run by Joanna & Ryan, the two co-owners of LPG. However, everything achieved by LPG would not be possible without the help of the following team members:

CenTex Aviation – Website Author & Content Reviewer
LittleTigger – Discord Server Moderator
NoFallToggled – Discord Server Moderator
Stef52 – Video Editor

Online names are being used to keep their real names private

We would also like to thank our partners: