Former Antonov Executive Facing Criminal Charges for AN-225 Destruction

Serhiy Bychkov, the former director of Ukrainian aviation company Antonov, is facing charges in relation to his alleged failure to prevent the destruction of the world’s largest transport aircraft, the Antonov AN-225 Mriya.

Picture of the destroyed Antonov AN-225

The burnt and destroyed wreckage of the AN-225, after the battle at Hostomel Airport in February 2022

Image: CNN

The massive aircraft was subject to extensive damage while parked at a Ukrainian airfield over a year ago during the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia. The airfield was the site of intense fighting which left the AN-225 as well as several of Antonov’s facilities damaged or destroyed.

Bychkov allegedly “failed to approve an order that would have flown the AN-225 to Leipzig, Germany in the weeks before the battle,” says Aviation Week. Prosecutors say he also failed to extend the company’s insurance contract.

The An-225 that was destroyed in the battle was the only airframe of the type ever completed. However, there is hope that Antonov will eventually build another.

Article by CenTex Aviation

Sources: Aviation Week, CNN

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