Cargolux Boeing 747 Suffers Engine Strike While Landing

Cargolux 747 Engine Strike
LX-ECV experiencing an engine strike, with visible sparks trailing the engine | Photo credit: @kyanspotting

On Saturday, April 15, a Cargolux Boeing 747-4HQF(ER) registered as LX-ECV was operating Cargolux flight 58P from Dubai to Luxembourg when one of its engines on the left wing struck runway 06 upon the aircraft’s initial landing attempt.

The aircraft then aborted the landing and performed a touch-and-go, lifting back up in the air and circling around for a second landing attempt. The plane landed safely on the second attempt.

The aircraft operating the flight was a 14-year-old Boeing 747-4HQF(ER) manufactured in Everett, Washington, and was delivered new from Boeing to LoadAir Cargo of Kuwait, before going back to Boeing until November 2009, and the aircraft was then delivered to Cargolux. The aircraft, named “City of Grevenmacher” has a clean safety record, and was even painted in Cargolux’s “Beluga Whale Sanctuary” special livery from January 2019 until May 2021. The 6-hour and 25-minute long flight from Dubai was routine and uneventful until the first landing attempt, where sparks were observed as the bottom of one of the engines scraped the runway.

There is no word on the extent of the damage, but it is likely that the aircraft will be out of service in the coming days, awaiting repairs or replacement parts.

Cargolux confirms that there were no injuries to personnel on the airplane or on the ground. Safety is something Cargolux takes very seriously so we can trust that everything will be taken care of properly to reduce the possibility of something like this ever happening again.

Video summarizing the article
LX-ECV going around after the incident

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