Ryanair Places $40 Billion Order on Boeing 737 MAX 10s

European low-cost giant Ryanair has announced an incredible order of 150 Boeing 737 MAX 10 aircraft, with the option for up to 300 of the type. This huge deal is valued at $40 billion USD.

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Currently, the only variant of the latest MAX generation of Boeing 737 aircraft operated by Ryanair is the Boeing 737 MAX 8-200. However, this new order of MAX 10 aircraft, which are the largest 737 MAX variant, will allow Ryanair to rapidly increase its growth. Ryanair’s new 737 MAX 10 aircraft will have 228 seats, a considerably higher amount than the existing aircraft in the airline’s fleet.

Notably, the 228 seats will necessitate a minimum of 5 cabin crew members per European aviation regulations that require 1 cabin crew member per 50 seats. This will increase the cost of cabin crews per flight a considerable amount as all of the aircraft currently operated by Ryanair only require 4 cabin crew members.

These MAX 10 aircraft are expected to be delivered between 2027 and 2033. The 737 MAX 10 is also more fuel efficient than its predecessors and has better performance, making it more environmentally friendly. This makes the MAX 10 a great option for Ryanair, which is experiencing an increase in passenger numbers. The airline recorded a record-breaking 168 million passengers last financial year, and hopes to increase these numbers substantially in the coming years. This $40 billion order will help the airline achieve those goals of increasing its passenger numbers and expanding its fleet.

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